Chicken and Waffles at Sea Wolf BK

I’ve been popping up at Sea Wolf since they’d taken over after Lorenzo’s came and went.

I’m enamored with the lobster Benedict and the Devil’s Smash, but that’s not why I’m blogging today. Today we’re here to celebrate that magical moment, when a restaurant tries a dish outside of their “norm” AND IT WORKS.

CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THIS CHICKEN AND WAFFLES FOR A MOMENT. It was so good I started eating before I took a photo. The chicken is cut into a disk shape, which helps to create a perfect bite with each bite. the chic Ken is well seasoned and the waffle is light and fluffy, but the start is this BOURBON BUTTER. It’s creamy and sweet and gives hints of rich smokey bourbon that seeps into the salty crevices of the chicken and accentuates the sweet waffle. The small ramekin of maple syrup is more than enough for this decadent anytime food. My boyfriend was a staunch hater of chicken and waffles until this day. It is real y’all.

Yes that is me eating butter. No I am not ashamed.

You try that shit any day before 3:30 and tell me you didn’t eat the butter by itself or ask for more. Go ahead I dare you.

Sea Wolf is located right off the Jefferson L at 19 Wyckoff Ave.

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