The Sampler

234 Starr St. Photo,, The Sampler

Time: Monday-Thursday open – 7pm. 

Deal: Get the larger size for the price of the small. 

Tab: 1 draft cider- $5

Vibe: The Sampler is a man cave. With slow jazz playing, every whiskey you could ever dream of, and a tv that’s on sports, The Sampler is a boyfriends dream spot. Ladies, they threw in hot bartenders so you won’t mind taking him here every one in a while. 

Boozeworthiness: This bar can be your booze grocery and your new favorite whiskey bar. They even have cool events happening all the time. Downside is the size. Which I think is a good thing cause this bar could get real bro real fast. Luckily, it’s a little haven for lovers of beer. 

Long live day drinking!


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