BoozeReview: BALLS Vodka, Cocktail Caviar and Chambong.


Food and Wine Magazine threw a party this weekend with MTV for this Years VMA’s! Oh so you just put the three things I love in one space? I’m there. The accidental theme of the event was sex, drugs, and alcohol, but it was the most boring thing I had ever been to, so I made it quick.

Cocktail Caviar

I needed to try this first; I would have kept hope alive. More to come on this delicousness later.

Balls Vodka.

Yes you read right. It’s called Balls Vodka. Okay so instantly I see the novelty of winning bets only to make people do shots of Balls. Cant lie, I did think about how funny calling out a drink with this one would be… Balls on the Rocks. Dirty Balls Martini. Balls Mule. -side eye-

Unfortunately, it tastes how it sounds. Made from corn, this New York distilled Vodka is would not be my pick if I had to choose between it and another vodka, say Titos or Absolut, in it’s price range. ($20-$24 in store for 1L)



So…. I feel in love with this basic bitch of a product.

You pour champagne into the flute then you toss the bong end into your mouth and viola! Champagne shots! Now I can play Champong with my Chambong. I’m in love. Like seriously. Love.

LIQS Shots

Unfortunately I didn’t get to sample these, but do look out for a review on them soon. Their flavors looked amazing and unlike other premixed prepackaged shots i’ve seen, it didn’t look too off from the proper consistencies.



Stay boozy and keep on the look out for more!


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