Cape House

I ended up at this Seafood haven by accident. I really wanted brunch but I didn’t beat my hangover until around 4, so I needed to improvise. Thankfully the smell of Old Bay and seafood hit my nostrils and lead me to Cape House. 

Situated in the old Amancay’s lot, Cape House puts out seafood by the ounce and let me tell you. This summer is the summer of Cape House. 

I sat down in the patio and let the sun beam on my back. I ordered a Frozen Paper Plane, Scallops roll and fries, a perfect order as per my server. 

I nearly inhaled my food when if got there. The scallops were buttery and tender, and just slightly covered with a crunchy breading. The fries featured seasalt making them the perfect pair to my scallop Sammy. 

But the Paper Plane stood out in all of its frozen glory. The ice didn’t water down the drink at all and the bourbon was smoother than a baby’s bottom. 

I highly suggest a huge throw down with friends. HIGHLY. 

Check out Cape House at 2 Knickerbocker Ave. 

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