Central Station. 

84 Central Ave. Photo, Central Station

Time: While the late night happy hour is no longer with us, they still do a nice happy hour from 5-8. 

Deal: All draft beers are $4, well drinks are $7, and wine is $6. For those of us who aren’t avid beer drinkers, a well/wine happy hour addition is make or fucking break. 

Tab: 1 beer, 1 wine, 10 bucks. 

Vibe: Central Station is a nice upgrade to your normal neighborhood bar. Take shots with the owner and chat with the bar backs. The bartenders are super friendly and will recommend great selections. Trust them, they have the force.  

Boozeworthiness: While there’s not enough space for you to bring the whole crew, it’s a great setting for a quiet first date drink. Major points for having a kitchen that’s open until 1 am and for taking cards with no minimum. Downside, they close at 2. 

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