Your new favorite grape; Pallagrello.

40 kilometers north of Naples is a quiet little ancient commune of Castel Campagnano in Campania, Italy. Home to the ancient Roman grape of Pallagrello, and of Aia delle Monache; two brothers who use the tiny two and a half hectare Farmland of Nuns to create organic, delicious wines that remind them of generations past. Accountants by day and winemakers by night, the old school methods of ancestral farming allow the grape to take center stage.

A vibrant medium yellow color with a slightly salty nose, and kiwi, stone fruit and a little melon round out on the palate, then taper off into a nice stony sea breeze finish common to wines in the South.

Look at the concentration!

Definitely a perfect choice for parties where you can’t choose between Sauv Blanc and Chardonnay. It’s got the texture of a used oak Chard and the green stone of a Pouilly-Fuissé.

Find Aia delle Monache for about $30 bucks in your local wine store. These tend to sell out fast so get a move on!

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