The Holy Guide: Jefferson L


Cobra Club

  • 6 Wyckoff Ave
  • 7am – 4am.
  • Cash and cards
  • This place has everything Bushwick. Yoga, burlesque, DJ’s, comedy, trivia and bad ass cocktails. Not to mention, they ease your coffee cravings.
  • Happy hour 4pm-9pm DAILY.
    • $2 off well
    • $4 drafts
    • $6 all day beer and shot combo!



The Three Diamond Door

  • 211 Knickerbocker Ave
  • Open Monday – Friday from 2pm-4am and 12pm-4am Saturdays and Sundays
  • Cash and Card
  • Drinks only
  • Awesome backyard area
  • Happy Hour every day from 4pm-8pm
    • $4 well shots
    • $1 off draft
    • $1 off well drinks
    • $1 off wine



The Johnson’s

  • 369 Troutman St
  • Open Monday-Sunday 5pm-4am
  • Cash and Card
  • Drinks only
  • How can you not love a place with a $2 beer?
  • Happy Hour every day from 5pm-9pm.
    • $5 Cocktails (Paloma, Sazerac Sling, Desert Sun, Arizona Margarita, The Johnson Gibson)
    • $5 beer and shot
    • $3 bud
    • $5 Jameson (swoon)


IMG_0831-0Montana’s Trail House

  • 445 Troutman St
  • Open Monday – Friday 3pm -4:00 AM, Saturday 11am-4am and Sunday from 11am-12am
  • Cash and card
  • Food and drinks (Order some food. Your stomach will thank you.)
  •  Happy Hour from 4pm-5pm at tables and 4pm-8pm at the bar
    • $2 off draft
    • $2 off well drinks


bushwick-mixer-pearls-social-club-gucci-maine-gustavo-ponce-2Pearl’s Social & Billy Club

  • 40 St Nicholas Ave
  • Open Monday-Friday 2pm-4am, Saturday-Sunday 12pm-4am
  • Cash and Card
  • Drinks only (they know how to do a cocktail right.)
  • Happy Hour daily from 2pm-8pm
    • $1 off draft beers
    • $1 off well drinks



IMG_0979Heavy Woods

  • 50 Wyckoff Ave
  • Cash and Card
  • Food and Drinks
  • Transitions from a coffee shop into a bar/restaurant. GET THE PIE. 
  • Open Monday- Sunday 8m-4am
  • Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm
    • $1 off draft beers
    • $4 well drinks


IMG_0234 The Rookery

  • 425 Troutman St
  • Open Monday-Sunday from 12pm-4am
  • Food and drink
  • Cash and Card
  • Amazing space, great for groups, co-working and dates
  • Happy Hour daily from 12pm-8pm; Mussles special on Monday, Wine bottle special Mondays
    • $5 Mussles
    • 1/2 off select white and red bottles of win
    • $4 well drinks
    • $5 by the glass house red and white wine
    • $1 off drafts


aaaThe Bodega

  • 24 St Nicholas Ave
  • Open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-2am, Friday & Saturday from 11am-3am
  • Food and Drinks
  • Cash and Card
  • Small space can make it a little tight on the weekends
  • Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 5pm-8pm
    • $1 off drafts



IMG_0953 The Sampler Bushwick

  • 234 Starr St
  • Open Monday – Wednesday 4pm – 11pm, Thursday 4pm – 12pm, Friday & Saturday 1pm – 2am
  • Snacks and Drinks (charcuterie and all the beer/whiskey you can dream of)
  • Cash and Card
  • This place is also a beer grocery… and they have specials. Yeah. Let that sink in. Also they throw some fun events, so check out their website.
  • Happy Hour Monday-Thursday from 4pm-7pm.
    • Upgrade your draft to the larger size for the price of the pint


Did we miss your favorite? Are you a new bar? Get in the DMs. 

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