Cobra Club

6 Wyckoff Ave

Time: Happy hour is from 4pm- 9pm ERRYDAMNDAY

Deals: in addition to an all day every day $6 Genesee and shot special, Cobra takes $2 off well drinks and sells ALL their drafts at $4 and Miller High Life for a measily $3. With five hours to drink you can get purer truth wasted. 

Tab: 1 cider, 1 tequila and soda, 1 modelo especial, 1 whiskey neat- SEVENTEEN BUCKAROOS. feels good drinking for 20 bucks. (Okay $25 with tip, just cause the booze is cheap doesn’t mean you have to be!) 

Vibe: Punks, Nerds, Feminists, Girls sharing Dough donuts!, come as you are, taboo topics welcome. Basically this bar is for everyone. 

Boozeworthiness: Cobra’s done a good job of being the neighborhood spot. It’s like the Cheers of Bushwick. You can get your coffee and donut in the morning and come back for mufucking Fritos pie and beer when you get off. It will become your home. Don’t fight it. 

Highly recommend for just about every occasion. Oh, they have yoga too. YEAH. A BAR WITH FUCKING YOGA. #GOALS #CAUGHTAPOKEMON 

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