985 Flushing Ave. Photo: Koda

Time: Monday- Friday 5pm-10pm and 1am-3am. 

Deal: 2 for $5 PBR, 2 for $6 yuengling, $5 tamarind martini, $6 spicy margarita. 

Tab: 2 martinis, 1 Stella, 4 PBR’s, wings, chicken satay, shot of whiskey, $50 bucks. 

Vibe: Total date night/celebration spot. Koda is small and tight but amazingly I didn’t find myself screaming to talk to other people. The seating is a bit interesting because of the shape of the seats, but we made it work. 

Boozeworthiness: This happy hour is good on a number of levels. First off, there’s a rumor that PBR is sponsoring a dollar draft night at Koda every Wednesday. 🙌 Second, THERE IS A COMBINED TOTAL OF SEVEN HOURS OF HAPPY HOUR. #yesgawd. Oh and the tamarind martini is basically vodka soaked gummy bears, but I love that kinda thing. A definite mentionable is the service here. The service flow here is fluid around its patrons. All in all, a wonderful time!!!

Long live day drinking!


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