25 Bogart St. Photo, Tutu’s. 

Time: Monday-Friday, 4pm-8pm full happy hour, Saturday 4pm-8pm oysters only, Sunday 4pm-12am oysters only. 

Deal: This is a big one. Draft beer & burger $10, draft beer & soup $10, draft beers $3.50, well drinks $3.50, select red, white and sparkling wines $5, a dozen oysters or a dozen clams for $12. 

Tab: 1 beer, 1 beer & burger combo with cheese, 1 dozen oysters, rosemarey shallot fries, 2 well drinks, 1 wine, $50. 

Vibe: Tutu’s is a bar heavy restaurant, so if you’re trying to do beer and burger combos on top of beer and burger combos, I’d come during the week. If you’re trying to demolish your liver and shake that ass in the process, Friday is the way to go. 

Boozeworthieness: There’s no happy hour during the weekend. 

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