Quintarelli Loves Wine

How it feels to see quintarelli

Giuseppe Quintarelli was a wine legend. The late master of wine truly understood who he was and what his grapes wanted to say. Located in Verona, Quintarelli was known as a perfectionist and left a family legacy that is dedicated to the highest quality of wine and wine making.

Bianco Secco Ca’del Merlo 2020

“Bepi” was known for his Amarone d’Valpolicella, only released in exceptional years, an elegant and focused red wine that stands leagues above the over extracted and sweet versions produced by his neighbors. A Maestro of Amarone, wines from this estate are complete pictures of terroir dominant wines with minimal intervention from the wine maker.

Clear straw color screams drink me.

The Bianco Secco Ca’del Merlo is the only dry white wine made by Quintarelli. The single vineyard wine is made from Garganega, Trebbiano Toscano, Sauvignon Bianco, Chardonnay and Saorin. A “field blend” this wines IGP classification is not a mark of quality but an earmark of old traditions in the region. (White wines aren’t classified DOCG in this region)

How it feels to drink quintarelli

If this wine was classified on taste and merit, she would be DOCG in a heartbeat. The stone fruit nose expressed the soft hand of the Quintarelli family and the power of fruit, the attentiveness while on the vine. The distinctive smoky round black rock sensations from the indigenous varieties blending with the orchard fruit and green sour fruits from the Sauvignon and Chardonnay to show the perfect dance between man and nature.

A lil love story.

A limited release, this wine proclaims it’s love and finesse with a warm buzzing of smoked fruits and citrus. The flick of minerality licks away the fruit leaving your palate yearning for the next sip.

Enjoy cold, with friends, with dinner, with cheese, fish, pork, chicken, a sandwich, a salad who cares just drink this wine and cherish it when you do.

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