Heavy Woods. 


50 Wycoff Ave. Photo, Bushwick Daily for Heavy Woods.

Time: Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm. 

Deal: Dollar of drafts and 4 dollar well drinks. 

Tab: 1 draft, 1 cider, 1 wine, crab cakes, salad, pecan pie, $48

Vibe: It’s so fucking cute, but it’s like an alien invasion set in when we were there. “Everyone is at the bar on their phones and no one is talking.” At first glance, it looks like only a bar in Bushwick can pull off, and hen I found out it’s a coffee shop in the morning. Makes sense now. They play solid classic rock jams which seems to pull their look together. 

Boozeworthiness: Awesome place to go by yourself or with a group. They have a whole secret section in the back. The whiskey sour I ordered for my well drink was made so well. No gun sour here. Definitely a place I could see myself snuggling up to. 

I’m not a food blogger or anything but that shit is amazing. 


Photo by Yelp Brooklyn.  

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