Boozereview: Royal Rivarose Brut Rose

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Well. It’s raining… and I want some bubbles.


I popped over to my corner liquor store and I’m looking for some bubbles, but it’s like summer and I like totally need my rosé. I used the tried and true, ‘know-your-distributor’ trick in finding this little gem. The only distributor on the shelf that I was familiar with was Monsieur Touton Ltd. I find that they import some okay wines, that are good for an indoor brunch or girltime wine.

This rosé is nice. It’s a soft peach color which highlights the softness waiting for you in the glass! It’s fruity and a bit tangy, with notes of strawberries and cherries.  The downside is how long the sparkling lasts, but that could just be this particular bottle.

This bottle was around 17 bucks. I’m not mad and neither is my wallet.
You can find Royal Rivarose in Greenpoint (holy shit not in Bushwick) at Greenpoint Wine & Liquor or online.
Happy boozing bitches!

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