Somm Secrets: Nuits Saint Georges “Les Herbues” Domaine Nicolas Faure

Alright so listen up closely cause this Pinot Noir here deserves all the respect and you’ll sound mad cool ordering this allocated & rare find bb at the table.

The bottle baby laying in bed resting before I pop her open 🙂

So if you’re new to wine or live under a rock, Burgundy is the holy grail of wine geeks. Between this place and Bordeaux, you’ll find the worlds most expensive wine.

Here I have a special part of Burgundy, an area in the Cote de Nuits called Nuits Saint Georges. NSG as us wine nerds call em, is a special little place. With no grand crus (aka top of the line) and a bunch of 1er crus (second place wines) NSG is the go to for Burgundy on a budget.

ZE wine!!!!!

Now this little plot of land, actually it’s huge at over 8 hectacres (or 16 acres!), is situated in the best spot for ballin on a budget. They live right next to their ultra fancy cousin Vosne Romanée l. I dare you to do a google search for Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Do it I’ll wait.

Yes that is several current releases for 8-32 THOUSAND DOLLHAIRS.


Thankfully this lovely treat will run you around 200 in a restaurant and 50-80 bucks retail. (Though this wine is pretty allocated so it may be a hunt.)


In terms of who’s who of Burgundy, Faure is a name to know. An outsider who didn’t inherit, something almost unheard of in this prohibitively expensive place, Faure’s determination and “farmer first” attitude is what distinguishes his wines from the rest. If this special little parcel of terroir isn’t special enough with a history book winemaker and historic vosne romanee soils, it also boasts vines that were planted in 1964. These almost 60 year old vines are producing a deliciously juicy herbaceous fruit quality with a soft tannic structure and a supple earthy texture that preps the mouth for the next sip or bite. The used wood only softens and rounds the edges of this savory supple wine.

Them legs looking noiccceeee

A garnet Pinot with a strawberry nose, comes only with the silt-clay soils that allow for the fruits to concentrate. Faure takes it a step further, following the idea of low yield high quality, low intervention and organic farming. A whole cluster press and fermenting with indigenous yeast this is the true natural wine.

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