Heavy Woods. 

  50 Wycoff Ave. Photo, Bushwick Daily for Heavy Woods.Time: Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm. Deal: Dollar of drafts and 4 dollar well drinks. Tab: 1 draft, 1 cider, 1 wine, crab cakes, salad, pecan pie, $48Vibe: It's so fucking cute, but it's like an alien invasion set in when we were there. "Everyone is at the bar on their phones... Continue Reading →

The Sampler

234 Starr St. Photo, BKMag.com, The SamplerTime: Monday-Thursday open - 7pm. Deal: Get the larger size for the price of the small. Tab: 1 draft cider- $5Vibe: The Sampler is a man cave. With slow jazz playing, every whiskey you could ever dream of, and a tv that's on sports, The Sampler is a boyfriends dream spot. Ladies, they threw in... Continue Reading →

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