So my boyfriend and I wanted something quick after slaving away all New Years Eve weekend long. I decided to treat myself a little so I made a last minute reservation at Delicatessen by my old NYU stomping grounds.

54 Prince St., New York, NY 10012

It was late so the place was quiet with a soft buzz of happy diners. Our server came quickly and took our food order before our drink order. I appreciated that little change in steps, simply because I wanted a great wine pairing.

I tried the Italian IG blend, but it was too puckering for a pleasurable sip. I went with the Brut Rose instead cause I’m basic. My boyfriend went with the classic burger, medium rare with Swiss cheese. For a burger over $15 bucks the flavors weren’t extraordinary. I’d say head to White Gold for a better burger at the same price range.

I on the other hand, went with my servers suggestion of the Pan Roasted Chicken AND BOY WAS I HAPPY ABOUT IT.

This juicy half chicken is served on a bed of delicious mashed fingerling potatoes, green beans and the most succulent jus EVER. I took it home and had it for lunch the next day and date I say the flavors intensified overnight.

Make sure to also check out the cute Private Dining Rooms available for a STEAL! I just may be throwing a nice event here soon.

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