Kambi Ramen House

It’s getting cold and damp here in NYC and that can only mean one thing; it’s time to enjoy more ramen!

My ramen buddy picked me up in Alphabet City and we allowed our tummies to lead us to Kambi Ramen Shop on 14th and 1st Ave. Our criteria was someplace warm, inviting, and people who looked satisfied with their food. B3C70D9B-9DD3-4A68-98FC-10EDD88BDA03

Kambi Ramenhouse stands out from its neighbors with their addition of speciality styles of ramen. The Tokyo Tsukemen is a special style of ramen where ingredients are served separate allowing you to build you perfect bite with these extra thick noodles. We were looking for something a little less large so we opted for shrimp gyoza to start, while we figured out which style of ramen to slurp down.


The shrimp gyoza were perfect. The dumpling batter was savory and light letting the freshness of the shrimp shine.

We sipped on a half bottle of Valpolicella and a Sapporo while we went through the different broth options.

The Wahoo chicken ramen is a broth made of house soy sauce in pork or chicken, flavored with dry bonito, keep and mushroom. 41EE03FB-324A-4D67-9CA2-A7FC7F506E88

This broth is a strong flavor with the kelp and bonito adding a lot of depth and richness. This isn’t for you if you’re not a huge seafood fan.

The Wahoo Sio is a chicken broth made with salt and pepper. The seaweed that is served in the soup adds a nice oceanic taste that isn’t too forward.


We felt like we had eaten for ages but still couldn’t manage to clear either bowl. Getting halfway is a challenge.

Before you leave you’re served complimentary tea that seemed to seal the warmth in our bones.


This is cash only spot is great for dates, grabbing a quick lunch, or having a bite to eat over work.

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