Let me tell you about a little pace I know.

When you and some friends are in the mood for sharing delicious Mediterranean food, look no further than Greenpoint’s Glasserie.

On an out of the way side street, this place is pretty fancy.

We started out with cocktails, I had the Drifter and my friend had the Old Dirty Pal.

Both are amazing, but the Drifter made me feel dreamy.

Also, they’re so strong I only had one and it lasted the ENTIRE MEAL.

We couldn’t decide on appetizers until our server let me try some of the labneh that comes with the Roasted Cauliflower app. OMG ITS LIKE TANGIER QUESO FRESCO. HAVE IT. AND A LOT OF IT. LET YOUR CAULIFLOWER SWIM IN IT. SHIT IS BOMB.

the Lamb Tartare is to die for. It’s almost like they know you’re saying to yourself “this must taste like heaven for 50 bucks a person” AND IT DOES.

So now its main course time. I went with fish cause who knows fish better than coastal peoples? I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED.

The Grilled Mackerel melts on your mouth. Don’t get so consumed and forget the sauce though. THE. SAUCE. … THOUGH. Those tomatoes are perfectly stewed. PERFECTLY. so much so that I didn’t even ask for a bite of Carved Lamb until I was completely done with one mackerel. It’s good too, but definitely go with the fish.

For dessert we had the semolina cake with fresh berries and it really was the cherry on top.

This is a pricey joint but DAMN is it worth it.

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