So today I’m making my way to the NYC Ferry so I can get to Riis Beach in 45 minutes. (You’re welcome.) as I’m stumbling about cause I’m… lost… i smell this gem.  

I didn’t even peep the sign until I turned away from the menu already salivating. I HAD to try one. With fries. 

It’s a little mom and pop style place with an older couple calling orders and flipping freshly made patties. 

The food came out on time, and just in time. I was dying to bite into that fresh upstate cow. 

Medium rare, and a true med rare at that, the patty melted in my mouth. The Vermont cheddar banged against my mouth and the grilled onions were just the right crunch. I added avocado to be decadent and it was deliciously so. 

I took a break from the burger to enjoy so freshly cut Idaho fries. They come without salt, but they’re still heavenly. There’s ample sea salt on the table so you can salt to your hearts desire. 

Definitely a must stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you’re on Wall Street. 
I plan on making a repeat trip for the ice coffee and an egg and cheese with heritage farm pork sausage, even if it is $9.25. This is the kind of food that’s so healthy, you can skip the gym. 

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