Behind the Booze

Boozy Bushwick started because a group of friends wanted to get day drunk and we didn’t know where. Now we’re making sure you never had to go through that pain. Here’s a little bit about us!



How old are you? 27

What train do you live off of? L train, Morgan stop baby. Greenpoint Boo.

What’s your go to drink? A whiskey sour. Preferably Bulliet Rye but if there’s a well happy hour I’m all for it. Give me tequila or give me death. Shots, with soda, margarita, whatever.

Favorite happy hour? No favoritism, but for the moment it’s Tutu’s. It’s got food, wine, well and draft. It’s the Mecca of happy hour. Koda. Double happy hour. NUFF. SAID.

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